Why Us?

The answer to this is simple: because we care. It's not just a slogan or words that sound good on paper.


I, Abike in my personal life can say I am a "sucker" for good service. So, naturally, this is what I want to provide for you. I want you to be a repeat, not just a customer but a "friend." I want to hear about where you're wearing the outfit. I want us to chat about the colors and collaborate if necessary about how to complete your look. Abike Oyedele isn't just about collecting your money. We want it to be an experience. An experience that you won't forget. An experience that you'll brag to your family and friends about. 

So, the short answer to the question, Why Us? is simply, because you're not just here to shop. You're here to experience the Abike Oyedele difference. 

Charlotte, NC


Our Story

Why Us



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