At Abike Oyedele, LLC, we believe that clothing should be made to fit you and not the other way around. Have you ever gone shopping for clothes and found a dress or blouse you love but if you had it your way you'd make some modifications? 

Well, that's where we come in.  We give you control over what your final garment would look like. You'll also get to pick from our catalog of authentic African print fabrics. So, whether you have your own design or want to modify some of ours, we'll be honored to make something just for you. 

All of our garments are handmade in 3 different countries: U.S.A., Nigeria, and Ghana. 

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Abike Oyedele

Abike is a wife and a mom to 3 beautiful children. She was born in Nigeria but she has lived in the United States for almost three decades.

Abike is a self-taught seamstress; she started learning how to sew during the darkest time of her life. She had just had her 3rd miscarriage in the same year (3 of 6 losses) and she was unable to keep a job. She decided to start a small business to keep herself busy and ended up taking on sewing. 

What started as a way to pass time and keep her mind occupied has turned into a full-time business that she's extremely passionate about. 

All of your garments are handmade either by Abike or by one of her tailors in Nigeria. 

The entire team at Abike Oyedele, LLC is passionate about designing garments that make every woman feel both beautiful and powerful.